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Come and experience all that we have to offer including:

  • Scrap materials ready for creative reuse
  • The art shop

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Our membership system has changed as follows:

  • As always to qualify for Scrapstore membership you need to beworking with or caring for children and young people.
  • The cost of annual membership will be £10 for each card issued to a named person. Only that person will be able to use that card.
  • Any organisation or group requiring more than one card are welcome to purchase other cards at a cost of £ 10 each.
  • Cards cannot be swapped from person to person, even thoseworking within the same organisation.
  • Membership cards must be produced on entry to Scrapstore
  • If you are not eligible for membership you may be able to take out a ‘ Friends of ‘ membership at £25 per annum to support the work of Scrapstore-please ask a member of staff.


We are a registered charity and as a member of Scrapstore your membership income helps with our running costs allowing us to carry out our aim of providing creative art and play opportunities to children and young people.

We look forward to seeing you all in the near future.


Everyone at Scrapstore

The services we provide are:

  • scrap materials
  • the art shop
  • creative art and play workshops with children
  • workshops in Schools
  • training with adults
  • art for adults
  • equipment hire
  • ideas library
  • volunteering opportunities

What People Say

“Great resources – low cost, maximum fun.”
Scrapstore member

“Wonderful choice of different materials and resources. Many of which cannot be easily found in shops or elsewhere. Staff always very helpful and have lots of good ideas on what to do with materials… can always find unusual items to use. Excellent value for money.”
Scrapstore member

“A very useful, varied resource. All recycled or donated or reasonably priced new items. Very useful for any kind of creative project… it is very green and the materials are very varied – it would cost a lot more if bought from a shop.”
Scrapstore member

“The best thing I have ever done!”
10 year old child

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Opening Times

  • Tues: 10-2pm
  • Wed: 10-2pm
  • Thurs: 10-2pm
  • Sat: 10-1pm